AKDOGDU TEKSTIL which has been in business collaborations with many renowned worldwide brands by establishing leading production facilities for ready-to-wear-clothing, has grown into a well-known brand name in the world with its leading brand TOWN JEANS by displaying high performance.

AKDOGDU TEKSTIL has been moving on in line with its target to be an authority in its sector and a leading brand of fashion clothing and offers clothing collections created by its team comprised of experienced and qualified designers.

It expands sales network continually by developing market research activities in accordance with the demands of customers inland and abroad. Continuity of the production in TOWN JEANS is ensured with Research & Development and by keeping up with the technological developments in the sector.

In our projects worked up and executed, we use state-of-the-art technology in the production and offer superior quality for sale in a cost-effective way along with different collections.

Today we are exporting our products under TOWN JEANS brand to such countries as Albania, Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine as a result of our researches and studies we have carried out.